Well, It’s Been Fun …

But spring has sprung

Steve Fendt
2 min readOct 25, 2021


Bush Dawn | courtesy of the author

As Victoria emerges from a world-record-breaking lockdown and Australia starts to contemplate opening up to the world, I can’t help thinking it’s time to get out from behind my computer.

We’re in the midst of our spring here on the Victorian coast. For the last few weeks our bees have been busy pushing out swarms. Surely there can’t be any bees left in that hive by now? (Oh yes, there can.)

The cygnets on the lake have left the cute fluffy stage and entered the dirty grey gangly stage. Hopefully the magpie males have stopped swooping passers-by.

Our little campervan is itching to get out on the road.

Some things will be different, post-lockdown. Yes, I really think we can start to think in terms of post-lockdown now. Victoria is nearly at 80% double-vaxxed and will be at 90% before Christmas. Our health system is going to come under strain as cases rise, but hopefully we have bought ourselves enough time.

The last nine months have seen me complete two large textbook projects and get the third, most obstinate one within a bull’s roar of completion. That one too will be laid to bed (preferably with a stake through its heart) in the next month.

In the same period I’ve published 92 pieces here on Medium: stories, essays, memoirs — and one song. I’ve also responded 1144 times to your work, apparently.

Writing for a living is a lonely profession. You send books out into the world and the only feedback is annual royalty payments. (Not that I’m knocking those.) So it has been a great pleasure to get almost-instant feedback on Medium, and to make connection with other writers.

I have some unfinished business: Keira and Jacky still have tales to tell. That banjo-playing, bee-keeping spy Jack Shaw and his too-good-to-be-true girlfriend Ashleigh may open another dossier.

But right now, I need a break.

I’m not disappearing, but I’ll be around here a lot less often for a while. I’ll still be popping by to publish the odd thing — and to see what you clever, creative folk have been up to.

Hooroo, me old mates, and see you a little further down the track 😊🪕🦘



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