Serial Fiction Beta Reads

Seed, Part 5


Steve Fendt
4 min readNov 9, 2022


CMYK | Steve Fendt

Author’s note for this beta read

  • Please go easy on the highlights.
  • Please, please comment! Be as honest as you like.
  • I’m putting all 12 parts up simultaneously. You can use the list at the end to move between parts.
  • Language warning. Plentiful c-words, f-words and other delights await you.


He swivelled from his desk under the window. Took in the black hair loose over pale shoulders. Slim pelvis. Neat landing strip of dark pubes.

‘Hey. You seem under-dressed. Special occasion?’

‘Just a rainy Tuesday evening. Thought we might have some fun. Get acquainted.’

He laid his pencil on the desk. Rested his hands on his thighs. Sighed. Started to say something, then stopped. Tried again.

‘Let me tell you how this plays out, Jelka.’

‘I’m all ears.’

‘We fuck. A lot. Can’t get enough of each other. It’s so good …’

‘Says you.’

‘… for a while. Then routine takes over. Same-old-same-old. One of us gets bored, wants out. Finds another fuck buddy.’

‘You’re a true romantic, Sal.’

‘I was, once. Anyway, what starts off as a simple act of pleasure and affection ends up making us both miserable.’

‘Need it, though?’

‘Yes. Where there’s a power imbalance — one partner more committed, more vulnerable, fewer choices — there’s unhappiness, sooner or later.’

‘Where’s the power imbalance with us?’

‘This is your flat, for starters. And you’re … what? Thirty?’


‘You’re a twenty-eight-year-old artist fighting to get established. Young, hungry, maybe a little ruthless. A good-looking girl. Bet there’s thirsty blokes hopping around you like roos at a waterhole –’

‘Ha! I’ve never been called a waterhole before. Not quite sure how to take that.’



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