Serial Fiction Beta Reads

Seed, Part 2

Mouth, Meet Foot

Steve Fendt
4 min readNov 9, 2022


Perspectival | Steve Fendt

Author’s note for this beta read

  • Please go easy on the highlights.
  • Please, please comment! Be as honest as you like.
  • I’m putting all 12 parts up simultaneously. You can use the list at the end to move between parts.
  • Language warning. Plentiful c-words, f-words and other delights await you.

The woman facing him was clearly the subject of the portrait. The same eyes, arched brows in a pale face which described an elongated ellipse from high hairline to dimpled chin. The same lank, black hair with the white lock hanging affectedly over one eye. A recent portrait, then.

She was the same height as him: one-point-nine metres.

‘Not bad,’ he found himself saying. With that tiny lilt which meant: Not good.

The elegant brows arched further; the pupils grew small in the big, grey irises; the mouth twisted in displeasure. ‘Faint praise indeed.’

He was saying the wrong thing. She had been expecting a compliment. But it was too late.

‘What’s wrong with it?’

‘Rather bland and uninspired.’ For fuck’s sake, Sal. This isn’t what normal people…



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