Cast Ashore — a novelette in 15 chapters

Cast Ashore: Chapter 2

Stormy Weather

Steve Fendt
5 min readOct 14, 2023


Overexposed black-and-white photo: a wide expanse of sandy beach with two lifesaving flags, bent over by strong wind. Surf in the background.
‘Between the Flags’ — author artwork

I plonk my blue-and-white trophy down under my favourite bench and go inside to order my coffee.

Kaja isn’t chatty this morning: her wide-eyed Slavic face wears a frown under its cloud of blonde curls. She takes my order with a curt nod, barely acknowledges my prepared pleasantries…



Steve Fendt Short stories, serial fiction, memoirs of a possibly quasi-true nature. Stories of the Australian beach and bush.