Adventures with adult learners

White Swallow banjo | courtesy of the author

The trouble with being a full-time coursebook writer is that you’re always preparing lessons for others to teach.

With the drawn-out publishing process, there’s about a year’s development from concept to finished work. Even then, the book has to jump through bureaucratic hoops to be approved by the relevant education…

An open apology to someone who knows very well who she is

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

For a few years, starting in 2017, I wrote answers on Quora. It was my debut as an online writer.

As writing experiences go, it was a mixed bag. I wrote on diverse topics that I thought I knew something about. In a rather plain, ‘educational’ style which I thought…

The sculptor of Silver Creek, part 5

Dark water, bright water | photo courtesy of the author

(Start with part 1, here.)

It is done.

I finished her late last night, then poured myself a celebratory glass of single malt whisky. My favourite drop from the Lark Distillery down in Tassie: peaty and smoky, melting on my tongue.

The weather was suitably dramatic. Lightning rent the darkness…

The sculptor of Silver Creek, part 4

Silver Creek | photo courtesy of the author

(Start with part one, here.)

I like to sit out on my porch in the predawn light, aswim in the sounds of the waking bush. Each morning this is my routine, before feeding Skipper and taking him for our morning constitutional.

Above the constant yet ever-changing chuckle of the water…

The sculptor of Silver Creek, part 1

Manna gum woodland, Silver Creek | courtesy of the author

She is mine. Or at least, six metres of her. Diameter one-and-a-half metres. Weight approximately seven tonnes. Delivered today on Ken Mathers’ flatbed truck. The result of a year’s worth of favours called in and more than a few strings pulled at Parks Victoria.

For years she lay alongside the…

Pondering the otherness of Aussie homes

Not actually a typical Aussie house | photo courtesy of the author

Rain patters and clatters in the metal gutter outside my study window.

There’s heavy rain forecast for the next 24 hours: 25–40 mm. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the roof will leak — again.

Our house in Oxford, a typical English terraced house of the 1980s, was…

Steve Fendt

Short stories, serial fiction, memoirs of a possibly quasi-true nature. Aussie tales of banjos, bees, boats, beaches and the bush.

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